Shorter Antenna Mast for 2004 SD

Discussion in 'Mobile Audio/Video & Electronics' started by troutwest66, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Is your antenna really that much taller than your cab? I have an 03 Excursion, 4x4, stock size tires/height and no lift, the antenna is only an inch or 3 taller than the highest part of the body (luggage rack). For me, I use the antenna as a gauge for ceiling height clearance. If the antenna clears, or just barely scrapes, then I know the rest of the truck will fit. When parking in a standard height home garage (7ft door) the antenna does hit, but it doesn't flop and bang around like you are worried about......

    I would see if it fits in the garage, height and length, and check on the antenna. My guess is it won't be a bad as you fear.... now if you have CB Antenna(s), they would be worse than your stereo aerial.......
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    I hear what you're saying and my fear was the mounting area on the cowl would weaken from the force of the antenna hitting the door frame. I found a shorty at NAPA for $8 I'll try. So far so good. My CB antenna is a fender mounted whip that is really wispy and it will go in no problem. I can just get the truck in lengthwise, a little grease and a shoehorn! I have some shelving at the back of the garage that I have no where else to put. Oh, well. I won't have to scrape the windshield during the winter.

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