GM-Ford wars


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Aug 15, 2006
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Im definitly a GM guy and love the Duramax. But, I like all 3. Ford is probably my least favorite, but they are all great trucks. Remember when we were all pushing for a punny 500 ft/lbs of torque. All 3 are way beyond that now. None of them are crap. Your foolish if you think one is. I dont care who you, loving Fords and hating Gm or the other way around, anytime you see a truck blowing black smoke racing a little rice burner, you'r rooting for that truck(no matter the brand) as if it were the US fighting Japan in WW2!!! Id rather be driving the biggest piece of crap blowing black smoke than a little 4 banger. I wouldnt care which brand.


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Oct 20, 2005
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Thornton, Colorado
bcarricarte said:
Ok Ok I'm over hear from the dieselplace. I own an 05 dmax, but also a 7.3 so I stumble over hear from time to time. I saw that new ford and I liked it. I dont mean to offend but out of the cummins dmax and the 6.0 I'd have to say that I dislike the 6.0 the most.(Yes I've driven them all. One brother has a cummins and the other a 6.0powerstroke). The 6.0 is extremely loud, slow, and unsmooth in my opinion.(Just my opinion from driving all three, powerstroke owners please dont go crazy) I think if ford makes this 6.4 quieter, smoother, and a quicker than the than its predecessor, I think it'll be a big hit. I like the style of the truck A LOT. Tough but still nice looking. I think the interior blows away the new GM and dodge interior. The step in the tailgate is a gimmick, but I'm sure it'll draw in some more people. I dont know what the difference is than just standing in the bed of the truck, except the step is probably more unsafe. I like the new fords a lot. The 7.3 has proved to be a great engine, but I'm sorry to say that I was dissapointed by the 6.0. Hopefully this 6.4 will be sweet so I can have another reason to start liking the fords again.

SLOW Maybe I don't get around much or have not read enough threads but I think thats the first time I have seen someone characterize the 6.0 as slow. Stock on stock I can not really even tell the difference. I carpool with my buddy everyday he drives an 05 DMAX and me 05 Stroker I can't tell. Thats all I do on the way to work is mentally list all the reasons I like my truck better.. SLOW?? Everytime I see a vehicle with a almost qtr of these trucks weights get smoked the last thing I would label anyone of the big three is slow. :sorry

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